We have to take steps to protect our children from the harmful substances in the products we use to clean our homes. Today many children are subject to various allergies, however ,using as many natural products around the home can help reduce the irritation to those of us more sensitive to the effects…

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Everything we do, everyday, has an impact on the world we live in, it’s our “Environmental Footprint.” What’s inescapable is, as the worlds population grows, those of us that can, must reduce the impact that we have. Toxic chemicals being released into the air and washed into our oceans and rivers are doing…

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Is your pet really a pet? Or are they more like a loving companions and part of the family?  These Family members rely on us to protect them and make sure that the bed they sleep on, the toys they play with, the bowls they eat from are safe from bacteria and harmful chemicals….

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The Natural Cleaner Company has created an exciting retail range of our 100% Natural Cleaning products. Products that have previously only been available for commercial use will be available in October for use in and around the home!

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The Natural Cleaner Company has a range of  cleaning , sanitizing and deodorizing products packed for the commercial cleaning industry . Company’s across the World are polluting our environment and potentially harming its…

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The Natural Cleaner Company is focused on delivering a range of sustainable, organic cleaners and disinfectants to the commercial cleaning market. Many of the toxic ingredients used in everyday cleaning and sanitisation will be…

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